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I want to take this time to write a testimonial regarding Dr. Staci Talan and Kevin Talan.  I came to Dr. Talan with very problematic back problems due to a work related injury.  I had been to 5 different chiropractors.  I had pain and trouble walking and she systematically addressed each issue along with Kevin's proficiency in massage therapy brought me back to mobility and maintained that mobility so that I could continue to work.  Dr. Talan also provided important professional support as a qualified medical examiner with my work injury claim and helped to resolve issues that I could not do on my own.  I cannot say enough about Dr. Talan's and Kevin Talan's professional knowledge and spirit of caring.  I do not know what I would have done without their assistance and I highly recommend them to any one that is having issues with pain and mobility.


Livermore CA


I began seeing Dr. Talan for a stiff and painful neck. I was having trouble turning my head without pain.  I also ws having difficulty sleeping because of stiffness and pain.  I had had the problem before and had sought chiropractic to relieve the condition.  My other chiropractor had since retired and so I came to see Dr. Talan.  After chiropractic treaatments the pain disappeared and the range of motion came back. I still see Dr. Talan on a regular basis to prevent the condition from coming back and getting worse.  And also to prevent the symptoms of pain and stffness from coming back.

In the course of my treatment I had previously been diagnosed with plantar fascitis.  The foot began to cause me problems again, so I mentioned it to Dr. Talan.  The foot was extremely painful and tender on the heel and arch.  I was having a difficult time walking and doing my daily activities.  I had previously been see by a podiatrist, for his condition and was given steroid injections for the pain.  The injections did not relieve the pain or the condition.  I was also fitted for orthodics which worked for a period of time and thent the pain and tenderness were back.  Dr. Talan began chiropractic treatments on the foot.  Besides treatment she also custom fit me for new orthodics. The orthodics were less rigid than the pair I had prior and more comfortable for the foot.  The pain and tenderness in the foot is gone.  I am able to do the things I enjoy again like golfing and go dancing with my wife without my feet hurting. 

Les Rudy -

Fremont CA


I had been having alot of tightness and pain in my midback and neck. The pain was making it difficult to work.  I used to enjoy running and was unable to because of the pain it caused.  In the course of talking to Dr. Talan I mentioned to her eight years ago I had suffered a fall down a hill on my back and right arm.  I did not seek medical attention and did stretching on my own.  I had been getting numbness and tingling in the arm since.  Dr. Talan began to treat the spine along with the arm.  I began to feel the tightness go away and the range of motion come back.  The numbness and tingling began to go away too.  I am now able to work pain free and without tightness in my neck and midback.  I also have resumed running which I enjoy so much. I continue to see Dr. Talan to keep my body free of subluxations and let my nervous system function at its optimal level.  This makes it possible for me to do everything I enjoy doing pain free.

Teresa Mora

Fremont CA


I started seeing Dr. Talan in 2003. I was having pain in both of my forearms with stiffness and sorenss in  my neck.  I had trouble grasping or picking items up.  It had gotten so bad that I had burns on my forearms from dropping pans and dishes while cooking.  I was taking Tylenol everyday for the pain and finally decided I needed to do somehting else about it.  I originally saw Dr.Talan a few times and the pain got better. At that time I decided to stop coming in because I was feeling so much better. Dr. Talan advised against it but respected my wishes.  Six months later I was back with the same problems.  We began care again.  I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  This time I continued with Dr. Talan's recommendations.  My forearms and neck got much better.  The pain has diminished considerably and my grip strength has greatly improved.  I still have bouts with my left elbow with tendinitis but after treatments with Dr. Talan the condition stabalizes and is better.

While under Dr. Talan's care I began to notice other conditions I originally did not come in for get better.  One was my TMJ. My dentist had told me my only treatment options were strong medications that would make it impossible for me to function in my daily activities as they would make me tired and lucid.  My othe option was surgery.  After talking to Dr. Talan she began to treat my TMJ. I was orginally unable to chew hard foods such as meat and i could not chew gum.  The TMJ also gave me terrible headaches.  After Dr. Talan began to address my condition with chiropractic treatments my TMJ got better and is now GONE.  No medications were needed and today I can eat anything I want and I can chew gum again.  I also have no more headaches.

 I also noticed my low back spasms, that I occasionally had were not coming as frequently.  Dr.Talan addressed this issue when it would come about.  She besides chiropractic adjustments have me exercises and stretches.  The occassioanl back pain and spasm has also disappeared.

The last and most amazing to me was my menstrual cycle was affected.  Most of my adult life I had had extremely heavy menstrual cycles with cramping and bloating.  I took medications to help get through that time of the month.  After starting treatments with Dr. Talan my menstrual cycles became much lighter and the symptoms tht came along with them have  greatly been diminished if not some months disappeared.

Since I have started chiropractic care with Dr. Talan my life has greatly changed. I am able to do alot of the activities I could not do prior to seeing her.  I am not relying on medication to deal with my pain and conditions. In now run my own my own daycare center and am my own boss.  I have learned the power of chiropractic and how free of subluxations my body can function at its optimal level.

Gloria Aguiar

Union City CA

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